Weight Management for Pets: Maintaining Your Pet’s Health During the Holidays

iStock_000018976979_MediumIf you are like more than half of the pet guardians out there, you are probably looking for ways to help your pet lose some weight and be more active. Pet obesity is a major problem in the United States, with roughly over 55% of all household pets considered overweight or obese.

Before we were aware of some of the direct correlations between certain diseases and weight, we might have considered a slightly rotund kitty cute, or even funny. However, now that we have a greater understanding of the perils of obesity and the many health challenges that impact our pet’s quality of life when a healthy weight isn’t maintained, we realize fat pets aren’t so funny after all.

And, now we are entering into the most challenging season for weight management (for pets and people, alike)! Since Thanksgiving brings with it loads of food and just as many distractions, this might be the ideal time to talk, um, well, turkey. Continue…