cat in the boxFeline fanatics everywhere know about the phenomenal relationship between cats and boxes. This almost comical attraction is what makes things like YouTube sensation Maru so relatable. Learn why cats are drawn to this commonplace household object and how Clairmont Animal Hospital is using this love affair between cats and boxes to make our veterinary hospital a kitty paradise.

Why Cats and Boxes Belong Together

It is one of the few things in life that is a virtual guarantee. If you put a box in the same room as a cat, chances are high that the cat will be in the box before you know it. But what is the reason behind this almost magnetic attraction?

Cats are complicated critters, and feline behavior can be quite cryptic. There are a few reasons, however, that are likely to be behind the relationship between cats and boxes:

  • Small, confined areas provide protection during naps (you may have noticed your cat takes a few of these a day – up to 20 hours can be spent sleeping)
  • A small, secluded space allows a cat to stalk prey without detection
  • Hiding is a cat’s natural reaction to chaos and stress in his or her environment
  • Cats like to be warm, and curling up in a cozy space may be just the ticket

Boxes serve several basic needs for the domestic cat and are often a welcome addition to any feline-loving household.

Boxes at Clairmont Animal Hospital

It’s no secret that the vet is not most cat’s favorite place in the world. That is why our super staff makes every effort to make our hospital as cat-friendly as possible.

We have gone through the steps to become an American Association of Feline Practitioners certified Cat Friendly Practice. This means that our feline patients are treated with the utmost respect and that attempts are made on every front to decrease stress and fear for them.

Part of being a Cat Friendly Practice means that we want to provide our cats with a safe zone where they can enjoy quiet and get away from the stressors of the hospital. If you see a funny looking box covered with a t-shirt in our boarding facility or in another area of the hospital, you won’t have to wonder why anymore. These clever contraptions are a perfect addition to our hospital, marrying your cat’s love of boxes with the need for a hiding spot in a high-stress place like the veterinarian’s office.

Cats and boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we aren’t afraid to use that to our advantage. Our cat patients love our t-shirt boxes. They aren’t hard to make, either. You might just consider putting one together for your cat to enjoy at home as well.