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The Do’s and Don’ts of Running With Your Dog

The popularity and benefits of running abound. And with our dogs as our running partners, things are just about perfect. After all, our dogs want to be with us, they have boundless energy, and it’s hard to skip a workout with those puppy dog eyes waiting expectantly at the door. 

There are plenty of “do’s” for running with your dog, and a few don’ts as well. Come along with Clairmont Animal Hospital as we check out the basics of a running program with your best fur pal. 

The Do’s Of Running With Your Dog

When it comes to running with your dog, we recommend starting with a check-up. Just as with people, you want to have a clean bill of health before starting any new exercise program. 


Enjoy Local Hikes and Walks with Your Dog  

Local hikes and walks with your dog are great pet exercise.Have you been spending too much time on the couch? Has your dog been giving you the stink eye every time you pass by the leash? It might be time to dust off those running or hiking shoes! Fortunately, there’s nothing quite like outdoor walks with your dog to get you motivated.

The team at Clairmont Animal Hospital has compiled a few pointers to keep your pet safe, as well as some local suggestions for good fun and exercise.

Safety First: Going on Walks with Your Dog

Before you grab the leash and head outside, make sure you brush up on summer pet safety tips. Be a dog walking pro with the following suggestions: Continue…

Keeping Your Pet Active During the Winter Months

Cordova_iStock_000021420809_MediumThere’s something about shorter days and cooler temps that make all of us a less than enthusiastic fitness buff. Despite knowing the importance of being active, a brisk morning dog walk seems unlikely when the sun has yet to peek over the horizon.

There are also times when freezing rain and low temperatures can actually be harmful to our fur friends. So the question is, how do you keep your pet both active and safe? Continue…

Walking Your Dog: Reasons to Get Moving!

Family Walking Dog Through Winter WoodlandMany dog owners may chuckle to learn that there is actually a National Walk Your Dog Month (we mean, aren’t they all); but seeing as January has this special designation, we’d like to take the opportunity to focus on what makes dog walking fun for everyone.

We all know our pets could probably use more exercise, yet for some reason many of us seem to let this simple task fall to the wayside. Walking your dog has so many benefits besides just exercise; bonding, stress relief, training opportunities, social opportunities, longevity, mental stimulation, and of course, releasing that pent up energy that can lead to misbehavior! With so much at play, don’t let this opportunity pass you and your pet by… Continue…

Weight Management for Pets: Maintaining Your Pet’s Health During the Holidays

iStock_000018976979_MediumIf you are like more than half of the pet guardians out there, you are probably looking for ways to help your pet lose some weight and be more active. Pet obesity is a major problem in the United States, with roughly over 55% of all household pets considered overweight or obese.

Before we were aware of some of the direct correlations between certain diseases and weight, we might have considered a slightly rotund kitty cute, or even funny. However, now that we have a greater understanding of the perils of obesity and the many health challenges that impact our pet’s quality of life when a healthy weight isn’t maintained, we realize fat pets aren’t so funny after all.

And, now we are entering into the most challenging season for weight management (for pets and people, alike)! Since Thanksgiving brings with it loads of food and just as many distractions, this might be the ideal time to talk, um, well, turkey. Continue…