dog lying on bed with cannula in vein taking infusionWhen it comes to veterinary surgery, you don’t want anything but the best. And Clairmont Animal Hospital is proud to offer you and your pets just that. Our skilled veterinarians and high-end capabilities ensure you and your furry family members the best surgical experience possible.

Minimally Invasive Pet Surgery

Just as in human medicine, more and more veterinary surgeries are being done laparoscopically. During this type of procedure a small incision is made, which allows us to insert a small camera called a laparoscope into the area that we are doing surgery. Many types of surgeries can be done using this type of technique including:

  • Spays
  • Cryptorchid neuters
  • Gastropexies (stomach tacking)
  • Some exploratory procedures
  • Biopsies

Laparoscopic surgical techniques results in less pain, faster healing, and shorter surgery times.

Laser Pet Surgery

A surgical laser is a beam of CO2 that is absorbed by the water in the skin and other soft tissues. This absorption essentially vaporizes the cells and cuts the tissue. When using a surgical laser we are able to avoid using a traditional scalpel. This has multiple benefits including:

  • Decreased pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced risk of infection

Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

Clairmont Animal Hospital is also proud to offer stem cell therapy to our patients. Stem cells are immature cells that are able to develop into many types of cells depending on where they are placed in the body. This can be very helpful when trying to repair areas that have been damaged due to disease or injury.

In veterinary medicine we are able to harvest stem cells from your pet’s fat tissue (this is the method we use) or bone marrow and then implant it in areas that need help. We frequently utilize this technology when addressing arthritis, developmental bone disorders, or soft tissue injuries.

Laser Therapy for Pets

Not to be confused with a surgical laser, therapeutic laser treatments can be a valuable part of recovery from surgery for many pets. Therapeutic laser treatment uses a focused light beam to deliver energy to cells in a targeted area. This light energy can stimulate healing, decrease pain and inflammation, and even help control infection.

Clairmont Animal Hospital strives to make every surgical procedure we perform as successful as possible. From our excellent patient care and our aggressive pain management techniques, to our high-end surgical approach, we do everything that we can in order to ensure a good outcome for your pet. You and your pets are very important to us, and we are honored that you trust us with their care.