Signs Your Pet May Be Going Blind

puppy looking up.

Our eyes are important for functioning and navigating the world. While it is possible to live a full life without vision, it is certainly ideal to protect this important sense when possible. Pet vision is no different, and protecting their eyes is important. Learn about eye care for pets from your friends at Clairmont Animal Hospital and how to identify if your pet’s vision is impaired.


Swimming Safety: Tips for Introducing Your Pet to Water

pug on a paddleboard.

During the summer, there’s nothing like jumping into a crisp, cool body of water. If you want to include your pet in this summer fun, it’s important to do so safely. Introducing your pet to water could be the best way to beat the heat, and with our guide to swimming safety, you can both enjoy all the season has to offer. 


Feeding Guidelines for Different Life Stages of Pets

hungry dog eating.

When it comes to feeding pets, there is no such thing as a “one-food-fits-all” approach. Providing pets with a diet optimized for each life stage promotes better overall health, and in this blog, our team at Clairmont Animal Hospital helps you put the best nutrition possible on your pet’s plate.


Severe Weather And Thunderstorm Preparedness For Pets

A dog hiding under a blanket from a thunderstorm.

Hurricane and thunderstorm season is fast approaching here in Georgia, and the thunder, lightning, deluge, and potential for natural disaster can leave our pets particularly vulnerable. Your friends at Clairmont Animal Hospital would like to take this opportunity to discuss strategies for protecting and providing for your pet’s comfort and safety during severe weather.

Thunderstorm Preparedness For Pets

Many pets experience high levels of fear and stress during even slight thunderstorms. In some instances, very frightened pets may even try to escape the home. We recommend the following tips for thunderstorm preparedness for pets:


Avoiding Common Pet Poisons in the Home

A cat near cleaning products.

Since the entire month of March is dedicated to poison awareness, with this week being National Poison Prevention Week, we thought it would be the opportune time to discuss household chemicals and your pets. Pet poisons can consist of everything from outdoor lawn chemicals to foods in our fridge, but how often do we overlook cleaning products as being potentially dangerous to pets?

Before you roll up your sleeves to tackle this season’s spring cleaning duties, here are some basic reminders about pet poison safety and how to keep your pet from being exposed to these noxious products.


For Their Own Good: Time to Focus on Pet Poison Prevention 

A dog looking longingly at chocolate.

At first glance, it might seem arbitrary that March is designated Pet Poison Prevention Month, but it’s actually the perfect time to raise awareness. We just finished one of the most chocolate-centric holidays of the year (thanks, Valentines, Day!), and we’re heading toward Easter. Not only that, but the spring season is just about to pop with seasonal color, along with plenty of opportunities for accidental pet poisonings. 

With a little bit of diligence, we can avoid pet toxins and work toward enjoying the season together!


Top 5 Blogs of 2023

dog on computer.

We’re welcoming the New Year by taking some time to look back at the one we just wrapped up. At Clairmont Animal Hospital, we put a lot of effort into compiling informative blogs to help you get answers to some of your biggest veterinary questions. We love providing content that helps our pet owners offer their animals the best lives. Here are some of our top blogs from the last year:


How to Cat Proof a Christmas Tree and Other Holiday Pet Decoration Tips

cat lying under Christmas tree.

When you have a kitty at home, the holiday season can bring more stress than joy. What if the cat tries to climb the tree? What if she breaks your great-grandma’s heirloom ornament, the one that was passed down to you when she passed away? What if your kitty rips open the gifts under the tree or knocks down your menorah or Kwanzaa candles?

Luckily for you, the team at Clairmont Animal Hospital has seen it all—and we’ve got tips to share with you! Read on to find out everything you need to know about making holiday decorations safe for pets. 


Holiday Pet Treats to Remember All Year

Holiday pet treat.

Most owners consider their pets to be close members of the family, so it makes sense to want to indulge them during the holidays. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include sneaking them scraps of turkey or stuffing under the table. That’s why we’ve gathered some delicious holiday pet treats that your fur pal will find both filling and satisfying.

Before the Goodness

Weight gain during the holidays isn’t restricted to humans. A decline in outdoor exercise paired with tasty holiday indulgences can add a few pounds to your pet’s waistline. If you have doubts about your pet’s weight or diet, please let us know. We can help develop a plan to support your companion’s seasonal wellness.


Halloween Safety for Pets

A dog dressed like a farmer.

Halloween can be a spooky time for everyone involved, especially our pets. From costumed strangers to eerie decorations, it can be difficult for our pets to process the festivities. Add poisonous candy and dangerous decor to the mix and you have one boiling witch’s cauldron worth of a potential pet disaster on your hands!

Read on for tips on how to make your pet’s Halloween free of fright!