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Recognizing the Signs of Cancer in Pets

cancer in petsA cancer diagnosis is frightening for anyone, yet cancer is prevalent among humans and our pet companions. Fortunately, these days, advancements in both human and veterinary medicine means treatments are much more effective.

While sometimes similar to humans, the signs and treatments for various types of cancers are unique in pets. The team at Clairmont Animal Hospital is here to alleviate some of the worries around the big “C” and to help you understand more about cancer in pets.


Is a Laparoscopic Spay Right for Your Pet?

Two friendly catsWe don’t really put much thought into the fact that most of our dogs and cats are spayed; however surgery is a big deal, no matter who you are.

The traditional spay involves a full abdominal incision in which the uterus and ovaries are removed. It may be a routine surgery, but that doesn’t make it an easy one. In fact, if a human had this type of surgery performed, we would likely be feeling pretty sorry for ourselves for a few weeks at least.

Clairmont Animal Hospital prides ourselves on putting our pet patients first. That is why we offer and encourage our female patients to undergo a laparoscopic spay surgery rather than a traditional spay procedure. Why you might ask? Read on to see if you are convinced. Continue…

Clairmont Animal Hospital: At the Cutting Edge of Veterinary Surgery and Care

dog lying on bed with cannula in vein taking infusionWhen it comes to veterinary surgery, you don’t want anything but the best. And Clairmont Animal Hospital is proud to offer you and your pets just that. Our skilled veterinarians and high-end capabilities ensure you and your furry family members the best surgical experience possible.

Minimally Invasive Pet Surgery

Just as in human medicine, more and more veterinary surgeries are being done laparoscopically. During this type of procedure a small incision is made, which allows us to insert a small camera called a laparoscope into the area that we are doing surgery. Many types of surgeries can be done using this type of technique including: Continue…