Top 5 Blogs of 2023

dog on computer.

We’re welcoming the New Year by taking some time to look back at the one we just wrapped up. At Clairmont Animal Hospital, we put a lot of effort into compiling informative blogs to help you get answers to some of your biggest veterinary questions. We love providing content that helps our pet owners offer their animals the best lives. Here are some of our top blogs from the last year:


An Explanation of Clairmont Animal Hospital’s Increased Wait Times

Dog in hospital with veterinarian.

At Clairmont Animal Hospital, one of our top priorities is to give you a pleasant experience any time you visit our facilities. We know there have recently been increased wait times for phone calls and appointments, and we want to give you an inside look into our new reality to help you understand what’s been happening. Covid-19 has changed all our lives, and it has also impacted the way we see patients.