A long haired dachshund wearing a blue collar.

Most of us are connected to the web in one way or another every single day. Reading the news, banking, shopping, and planning are almost exclusively done online now, and emailing is a huge part of our daily routines. It only makes sense that pet technology would develop right alongside the many ways we use the internet to make life easier. There are some fantastic trends in pet technology that enhance and impact pet ownership, safety, and health. 


The evolution of pet technology is moving at about the same pace as applications and updates for our own use. Just as we can monitor and track our movement, location, calories, sleep, and heart rate, pet technology can do all that and more. 

For those that resist items of pet technology, there is research that shows a very low risk to pets. Some products simply attach to the collar, and most pets don’t register any signs of stress or discomfort when wearing a smart collar or device. Most pet technology products are waterproof or resistant, and do not emit heat from an internal battery. 

Beyond Chipping

If your pet is microchipped, you’re already familiar with the positive effect of pet technology. While microchips don’t connect to the web, use energy, or employ GPS, they are highly effective at preventing permanent loss or separation, and are intrinsic to reuniting pets with the people.

The latest trends in pet technology are logically connected to the concept of microchipping. The use of wireless internet simply kicks it up a notch (or three) and can help pets and their people in these ways:

Pet Technology Products

Pet activity trackers are perhaps the most widely-used pet technology products. With the intent of keeping pets safe and healthy, most pet wearable trackers come equipped with GPS, software that monitors the type of movement (running, walking, swimming, etc.), distance, and changes in daily activity levels. Connected directly to your phone or other wireless device, smart pet collars or attachments help you stay up-to-date on all of your pet’s health stats. 

The Future Wave

It’s worth noting that owners of multiple pets can streamline all data from individual smart collars or other wearables in one place. 

A great attribute of pet wearables is the ability to track additional activities like calories consumed and burned, and how much sleep is needed versus how much a pet rests. You can also program an automatic feeder to release meals when you’re away from them. 

For pet owners concerned with separation anxiety or stress, wearables can monitor barking and other behaviors to help owners provide support when needed. They can even measure a pet’s temperature and adjust your home’s thermostat accordingly. That’s smart!

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