Rising Temps: Summer Heat Safety for Pets

Practice summer heat safety with pets to avoid heatstroke. During the summer, many of us are on the go. We’re outdoors playing, hiking, boating, or just hanging out in the backyard with friends and family. For pet owners, this also means including our pets in all the fun.  

However, the summer heat and humidity can cause problems for our furry loved ones. That’s why Clairmont Animal Hospital wants to take a moment to review some tips for summer heat safety for pets.

The Basics

Temperatures are rising all over the Decatur area, and it’s important to know that pets don’t sweat the same way that humans do. Imagine wearing a fur coat all summer long! It’s easy to see why preventing overheating in our pets is so important. If you think it’s hot outside (or inside!), it’s even hotter for your pet. Continue…

Function, Comfort, And Safety: The Benefits Of A Pet Harness

Dog on the railway platformWhen you envision a pet harness, images of sled dogs or assistance animals may come to mind, and your personal experience with either could be nil.

The battle between a leash and a pet harness is not a new one, but many new harnesses now available for your active pet effectively remove strain or choking, and support the smaller necks of some breeds and those with respiratory issues. In short, a good pet harness provides more control during walks – and might just become your second best friend if your pet is prone to pulling or yanking on the leash. Continue…

Aging Gracefully: Understanding Senior Pet Care


Rescuing dogLoving any senior pet is a worthwhile endeavor, but if you’ve raised your pet from puppy or kitten hood, escorting him or her through the golden years may be a sweeter and greater accomplishment, even still.

With the right combination of nutrition, healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and veterinary care, your pet could possibly sail through the senior years and live well past the typical age for his or her breed. You may be wondering what tenets of senior pet care are most important, and that’s where we come in! Continue…