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High-Tech Veterinary Services, Treatment Options & Diagnostics for Your Pet

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At Clairmont Animal Hospital, we offer general and advanced veterinary care for dogs and cats. With our state-of-the-art veterinary services, treatment options, and diagnostics, you can be certain that your pet will always be provided with the best medical care available.

Our services include:

  • Allergy testing/dermatology - Our veterinarians can get to the source of your pet’s allergy and skin issues and prescribe a regimen that is right for him or her.
  • Boarding - Explore our safe and comfortable pet day boarding services, and book your pet’s overnight stay.
  • Cancer treatment - Learn more about our wide range of oncology treatments for all stages and forms of pet cancer.
  • Dental care - Preserve your pet’s oral health with our professional dental care and cleaning. Our digital dental X-rays help us find hidden problems your pet may have.
  • End of life care - Ensuring your pet’s comfort and dignity during his or her last days is a top priority for us.
  • Eye care - We are able to treat many pet eye care injuries and diseases.
  • In-house veterinary laboratory/X-rays/endoscopy/ultrasound - Our in-house and mobile laboratories make diagnosing and treating your pet faster and more accurate.
  • Pain management - Take advantage of the latest in pain management protocols and medications with our specialized programs.
  • Pet stem cell therapy/laser therapy - Ideal for senior dogs and those suffering from arthritis, stem and laser cell therapy offer modern solutions to common pet ailments.
  • Senior pet care - As your pet ages, we offer guidance and care to maximize the quality and longevity of his or her life.
  • Surgery/minimally invasive surgery - We use state-of-the-art surgical techniques and procedures in our hospital and mobile care unit.
  • Veterinary cardiology/electrocardiography - We offer heart monitoring equipment and treatment plans for pets suffering from cardiac conditions.
  • Veterinary internal medicine - We cover all areas of internal medicine, including cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology, and more.
  • Veterinary treatment area - Our treatment area is equipped with the latest in veterinary tools and equipment and is operated by our skilled team of veterinarians and staff.
  • Wellness care - Allow us to help you chart the right course for your pet’s health needs, both today and in the future.

Please contact us for more information on any of the veterinary services we offer or to schedule an appointment for your pet.