Bringing a new pet home is exciting. Whether they’re young and need lots of training or are a bit older (there are many adoptable senior pets out here), all new pets require a safe introduction to their new environment. Introducing your new pet to your friends and family members (including other pets) is a priority, and managing first impressions is key to lasting trust and confidence.

Slow and Steady

A new pet needs to have their new world open up slowly in front of them. Many pet owners find that limiting their new pet’s exposure to the entire house helps smooth their initial transition. Over a short time, they allow access to other rooms and parts of the house.

Establishing and maintaining a strict routine is a necessary part of setting boundaries. Pets thrive when they are able to anticipate their meals, bathroom breaks, exercise and play times, and when it’s time for bed. When they begin to respond to your specific messaging they’ll likely do better in other environments, too, with new people and pets. 

So Exciting!

Of course, everyone in your life will be excited to meet your new furry friend. For those that live with you, communicate clearly about pet-related chores and involve them as appropriate. Be sure to include the kids as you train or play with your new pet.

Kids need to know what the rules are concerning your new pet’s safety and should always be supervised when playing together. Advise them to keep loud noises to a minimum and never allow them to chase or pull on them. 

Other Animals

Not all animals are happy about having a new pet in the household but most can learn to accept the change if it’s not abrupt or frightening. Introducing your new pet to a resident one should be done in a neutral and calming place. Pay close attention to body language, and be sure to show your resident pet extra love. You may have to keep them apart for a little while, but once they show tolerance and even interest you can safely allow them closer contact.

Remember to stay calm and low-key throughout the process of introductions. Your new pet will pick up on your energy and will try their best to react similarly.

Introducing Your New Pet

It is really important to socialize your new pet. Giving them opportunities to experience new places and people is critical to their growing understanding of their world. When introducing your new pet to family members outside the home, be sure that everyone feels safe and secure. Space, comfort and reassurance are helpful toward establishing a new friendship. 

Dogs should be kept on a leash the entire time. Do not allow them to jump on the new person, and remove them from the situation if they show signs of fear, anxiety, or stress.

Spread the Love

Introducing your new pet to their forever home, friends, and family members can be wonderful, but there is a learning curve. Just remember to stay calm and patient during the process and keep the healthy treats flowing. 

If you have additional questions about your new pet’s health, behavior and safety, our staff is always here for you at Clairmont Animal Hospital.